Toxic Games

Our Technologies.

The Game engine

UnitittyEngine Logo
We use the Unity game engine to develop our games due to its AAA hard core game making capabilities. It uses post effects, Direct X and OpenGL, great shaders, and it really has everything needed to make visually stunning and amazing video games.

Our Coding Languages

C# Logo
We use a mix of C++ and C# languages, we use C++ because that's whats used to get most things done, we use C# because that's what we know best and It's also a very powerful language and very manageable.

C++ Logo

The 3D modeller

Blender 3D Logo
For 3D models we use a free program called Blender 3D, which is probably one of the best next to Maya or 3DS Max. It has a lot of features like UV's, animations, high quality rendering, it supports bump maps, spec maps, alpha and is just an all-in-one package, plus it exports and imports various models.

Texture and image manipulation

For textures and image manipulation we use another great free program called GIMP, or GNU Image Manipulation Program. in sense it is a copy of photoshop, but it has an easier interface and the exact same features, so we happily use it to make our textures.