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Right now we have no completed games, but we are working on two games right now, but mainly focusing on one. Firstly we are making Shock Trooper, a free roaming First Person Shooter game where you are on a foreign planet fight a horrific alien force with your fellow Shock Troopers. Secondly we are making N.U.L.A, or No Unit Left Alive, this is the game we are mainly focusing on and hope to have done by the end of this year or start of next year. N.U.L.A is a First Person RPG Zombie Survival game, you are a survivor of the zombie apocalypse and must fend off hordes of zombies trying to stay alive, you'll freely roam around one of 10 huge maps building barricades and looking for food and ammo trying to stay alive, this game might feature multiplayer in a later patch, that is still under discussion.