Toxic Games

A new year and new progress!

Happy New Year Everyone!
As we enter 2010 we bring new progress of our work! NULA is closer and closer to finishing, as of now we have 2 levels finished, Mountian Village and Paradise City Northern Section. Now we are working on the third map which is Paradise Island, not only that but were fixing up some AI issues and touching up are art, expect more updates later.

Our Progress

Well, we are steadily progressing through N.U.L.A. which we suspect will be finished some time mid next year, maybe earlier. If you look at our video's page you'll see some developmental videos of the game which is looking good so far, still far from finished, but looking good.


Toxic Games is an emerging business in the gaming industry. We make visually intense 3D video games, since we have just started, we haven't made one just yet, but we are working around the clock to finish out first game hopefully by the end of the year. As of now the company consists of just me. Toxic Games is also partnered with two other companies, Moonscar Studios and Grey Phoenix Studios, Moonscar Studios is helping with development of Shock Trooper as we are helping develop their game N.U.L.A and we are also helping develop Grey Phoenix Studio's table top game, though we are mostly doing the art for the game.

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